PowerPRO 1500 - MCU

Designed with cutting-edge technology, our motor controllers are meticulously customized to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicle manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance. We offer cost-effective solutions that are built to last, making them the ideal choice for integrating into your vehicle designs. At the forefront of innovation and efficiency, our motor controllers provide manufacturers with a pathway to a sustainable, high-performance future for their electric vehicles.

BLDC/PMSM Motor Controller

Model No.
Peak Current (A)
Operating Voltage (V)
IP Class
Communication Protocol

Offered with Customizable feature like Driving Mode, Regenerative Braking, Auto-Cruise, Auto-Phase Detection, Forward- Reverse, Fault Diagnostics, and many more…


Customized as per Battery and Display inputs.

All the parameters are highly customizable and we believe to customize them very specific for your use case/application

Tailor-Made BLDC Motor Controllers for E-Rickshaws

Unleash the Power of Sustainable Mobility With Us

Customized BLDC motor controllers for E-rickshaws ensure superior performance along with sustainable mobility. By choosing our motor controllers, E-rickshaw manufacturers assure higher motor lifespan.

Create a cleaner environment while leveraging the efficiency and durability of our cost-efficient motor controllers.

Pioneering Sustainability for Better Tomorrow

Our dedication to a greener and sustainable future is unwavering. As we journey down green roads, driven by innovation and dedication, we are at the forefront of shaping a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. Our commitment is to ensure that every product we develop reflects environmental responsibility and a future-ready approach. Join us in our quest for a brighter and greener future.
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Powering progress with Dopar Energy's

Get sustainable energy solutions to prevent motor overheating with our highly customized motor controllers

High Quality

Provides high-performance motor controller solutions


Understand Automotive grade electronic manufacturing and supply

Excellent Experience

Huge Experience in the design and tuning of EV Powertrain

Made In India

Engineered in India for global manufacturers


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The BLDC motor controllers from Dopar Energy have exceeded my expectations with their efficient performance and reliable operation, making them a top choice for my industrial needs.

Rakesh Jain, (QC)

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