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Powering the future of transportation with our powertrain technology. At Dopar Energy, we aim to localizing the key technologies for electric vehicle application.
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Empowering the Electric Mobility Revolution

Discover Our Tailored Motor Controllers for Electric Vehicles
In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we provide a diverse range of meticulously designed motor controllers, each crafted to precisely cater to the unique demands of electric vehicle applications. As the future of e-mobility unfolds, we are at the forefront, enabling a greener, smarter, and more efficient tomorrow through our highly customized solutions.

Our vision is to pioneer the development of cutting-edge clean technologies that revolutionize the way we live, work, and travel. By continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, we aspire to create a sustainable world where environmental responsibility and economic growth go hand-in-hand, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.


We are on a mission to design and produce cutting-edge, high-performance clean mobility solutions for electric vehicles, leveraging our expertise in Powertrain technology. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives our pursuit of a greener future, accelerating the global transition towards eco-friendly transportation.

Driving Innovation in
Powertrain Technology

Backed by a wealth of industry experience and a dedicated team of experts, we are unwavering in our commitment to pioneering cutting-edge solutions for the electric vehicle sector. Our core expertise lies in the design and production of high-performance, tailored Motor control Unit that not only meet but exceed industry standards.
Our solutions are characterized by their unwavering reliability, exceptional durability, and remarkable energy efficiency, as demonstrated by Motor Controllers. We’re not just keeping pace with the future of electric mobility; “we are shaping it.”

Precision Manufacturing and Quality Excellence

At the heart of our operation lies a relentless commitment to precision manufacturing and unwavering quality control. Our state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with rigorous quality assurance protocols and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, ensure that each of our motor controllers represents the pinnacle of quality and reliability. Every product that bears our name is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Awesome people behind us.

Meet the Exceptional Minds Steering Our Success: Our Visionary Leadership Team
Hrushabh Jadhav
Hrushabh Jadhav Co-Founder & CTO || DOPAR ENERGY Pvt. Ltd || Startup
Ganesh Shelke
Ganesh Shelke EV Engineer | Building Advance Motor Control Solution for EVs | Entrepreneur
Vaibhav Karad
Vaibhav Karad Electric Vehicle Motor Controller: Building the Future of Electric Mobility
Gitesh Mali
Gitesh Mali Co-founder & COO at Dopar Energy Pvt. Ltd

Upgrade EV Technology with our Customized Motor Controllers

We excel in crafting high-performance, EV-specific motor controllers through precision design and production.

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